Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Unicorn and Platypus communicate

Max: I didn't want to risk it
Molly: oh I thought you said "I didn't want you to skip"
Max: I thought you thought I said "I didn't want a biscuit"
Molly: I thought you meant "I didn't want you to trip"
Max: when you don't understand someone, usually by the the time you tell that them that you don't understand them, you figure out what they said
Molly: and by that time, they can't remember what they said
Max: so you say "wait what did you say? Oh wait I remember" and they say "I can't remember, can you tell me?"
Molly: that was really complicated. I need to write it down. But I don't really remember what we said
Max: me neither
Molly: I do
Max: what did we say?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


*Max uses the word Plantoon*
Molly: I don't think there's such a thing as a Plantoon... There's a plantain... Or a pontoon... Maybe even a cartoon. Or... There's the Everglades. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Is there a Ninja in my house?

How to check if there is a ninja in your house in 3 easy steps:

Step one: check if any knives are missing. Ninjas often steal knives to use as weapons orto cut their bread into slices. If some of your kitchen knives are missing, there is probably a ninja in your house.

Step two: see if things are being moved around without someone moving them. If you see objects hovering around your house, a ninja is probably moving them.

Step three: are you being attacked by an invisible foe? If you are randomly being attacked by an invisible foe, you probably have a ninja attacking you.

What should you do if a ninja is in your house? Ninjas are undefeatable. You should probably move out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Unicorn and Platypus fight Armadillo to save Butterflies

Walk riddle

Q: a unicorn and a platypus go for a walk. One of them dies. Which one was it?

A: you don't have enough information to solve this riddle.

Unicorn and Platypus fight UFO in a tulip field

Unicorn and Platypus visit NYC

Unicorn and Platypus save San Fransisco


Molly: there's something about seeing a ukulele on stage that makes ya ready for California.
Max: Molly, there's something about seeing a ukulele on stage that makes you ready for anything. 

High Ranking Cloud Detective

Max: I am one of the chosen few who have watered a soccer ball
Molly: the clouds have done that too
Max: I am a cloud. I jump to logical conclusions. I use critical thinking. 
Max: detectives use critical thinking. Therefore I am a detective. I am a cloud detective. 
Max: I am smarter than most clouds. Therefore I am a high ranking cloud detective. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Molly, describing someone to Max: "he has blond, kinda longish hair, he plays bass guitar, he's kinda short, he's a year older than me..."
*Max still doesn't know who Molly is talking about*
Molly: "ummm... He has teeth..."


Do you know why medical school is longer that most degrees? Because doctors have to learn to have patience.

Arm Guitar

Max: "they should open the windows"
Molly: "I don't think they can"
Max: "they could just throw a frying pan at it"
*long pause*
Molly: "yeah"
*Molly goes back to playing dramatic music on the arm guitar*

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sonata Hybrid

"What kind of car do you have?"
"It's Sonata Hybrid"
"Well if it's not a hybrid, why does it say hybrid on the back?"

#sonatahybrid #itsnotahybrid #ineedthiscar

Bunnies and Frogs

Max: "When frogs are talking, they're actually calling bunnies: 'rabbit, rabbit, rabbit'"
Molly: "Yep, and when bunnies are talking, they're actually calling frogs: 'frooooooooooggggg, frooooooooogggg'"